A Scholar Meets Her Mentor

Today, we celebrate a heartwarming meeting as Amina AKA “Amina Hundred”, one of our very first scholars, meets our Founder and Director, Rahela Sidiqi in Istanbul, in the flesh, after eight incredible years. 

Over these eight years, Rahela has worn many hats. She’s Amina’s mentor, an educational guide, and a cheerleader, witnessing Amina securing her first job in journalism. Later, when the Taliban took over Afghanistan, Rahela supported Amina’s evacuation from the country as her life was under threat. She is now on a temporary journalistic program in Kosovo hosted by the Government of Kosovo and the Association of Journalists of Kosovo.

Amina, now a seasoned journalist, continues to inspire us with her achievements, determination, and resilience. 

While in Istanbul, Amina will be embarking on a media work exchange with Omid International UK

Education, mentoring, and believing in women’s potential – these are powerful forces, and this is an example of their impact.