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1. Expand networks of educated, mentored women who contribute to Afghanistan’s positive development.

By forming partnerships with universities in Afghanistan, we provide talented, underprivileged women with scholarships in several subjects including; Medicine, Computer Science, Law and Economics. 

We have high ambitions for the number of scholars we want to support.

2. Engage diaspora and ally communities in Afghanistan’s national development.

Building community networks within the 6,500,000-member Afghan diaspora (equivalent to 18.4% of the Afghan total population) and  connecting with different individuals, groups and organisations, whilsy mobilising volunteers from the diaspora and ally community is hugely important.

We achieve this work by:

– Hosting an Annual Lecture in January / February 
– Hosting an annual Afghan diaspora academic conference
– Supporting our supporter’s fundraising initiatives
– Partnering with inspiring young people across UK universities, including the Afghan Society at the University of Cambridge
– Running the diaspora £1 a month community donations
– Connecting with ally communities through events

3.1 Influencing the international community to support education of women and girls in Afghanistan.

Rahela Trust’s unique scholarship model has proven to be a sustainable method for developing fragile states and furthering women’s rights. 

We illustrate the effectiveness of our programme and champion Rahela Trust’s activity when attending conferences and events.

Our Director, Rahela Sidiqi, is a regular panellist and participant. Some events we have recently attended include: 

– Panellist at the Danish Refugee Council Afghan Diaspora Conference 
– Key speaker at the Afghan Women Coalition for Change (AWCC) Conference
– Panellist at EU Parliament’s Public Sessions of Equality Committee
– Speaker at McGill University, Canada: Women & Girls Speak Out: Prioritising Education in Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan

3.2 Global professional networks. 

We want to grow a network of professionals from across the globe who are willing to give their time to advise and/or mentor Rahela Trust’s current and graduated scholars. 

This would involve pairing graduates with professionals in their chosen field who would serve as mentors. Mentors would be expected to share advice, provide information, answer any questions and help with cover letters and CVs where appropriate.

4. Strengthen and grow Rahela Trust to increase impact. 

Since the Covid pandemic and the Taliban takeover in August 2021, we channelled resources into strengthening the organisation. This saw us:

– Improve our digital capabilities by migrating onto Office 365
– Providing scholars with smart phones so they can be connected to us at all times, which saw a significant use of WhatsApp and Zoom to keep us connected even in light of the security situation
– Produced our first digital newsletter
– Recruit our first employee

We plan to continue this trajectory with the development of our communication channels (i.e. website and social media), and seek to explore and invest in remote learning solutions. 

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