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Scholar Stories

Due to the Taliban resurgence, we are no longer able to share the beautiful stories of our scholars and allow people to follow their journeys.

With her permission, we have anonymised the below account from one of our top scholars, *Yumna who is currently studying for degree in economics.

It’s important to highlight how significant the Rahela Trust scholarship is to these women’s lives. For many, it is all that brings them hope for a better future.

A Message from Yumna

“Growing up in the Logar Tribe, they did not send their daughters to school due to being conservative and having a complicated opinion…my uncle…was obliged to leave our village because I was not allowed to go to school…

​As soon as I finished school, due to my interest in continuing my education, I successfully passed the [name omitted] University exams for the faculty of economics…however, as soon as the first semester ended…my grandmother was not able to pay my education costs…I was obliged to leave university.

​The light was sparkling in the dark and I was given hope. Fortunately, I joined the school of Rahela Trust…it was through coaching, mentoring and morale building…and the encouragement and support of Mrs Sidiqi…I achieved 99% mark in my academic studies. I am getting better and better and moving stronger than before…I took responsibility….I learned that I must be someone who does not give up on honesty, truthfulness, kindness, and service to people. I was able to do something for my capacity building…I am proud…

Yumna who was…very shy yesterday…presents with…braveness…today…I convey….honesty, working on herself, empowering others. To be a stable human being in society, to be a role model in society, these are the values that I learned from Rahela Trust…I learned…the effective and efficient use of resources is important…that the money given to me for projects for women and girls should be used carefully…it was an internship for me…that these resources should be used well…I learned that I had to work harder in the face of the Taliban…and never give up.

​I hope you are the ones who help thousands of girls like me. Because Afghanistan is a country where women are like objects. Like me, there are thousands of girls in different places, villages and provinces…and they must be in society to lead as the agents of change, to bring the society from darkness to light.

Thank you, all dears, for listening to my story!”

*Yumna’s name has been changed to protect her identity

She achieved 99% in both her Spring and Autumn term examinations.