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About Us

​We are a UK-based, Afghan-led charity striving to create positive and progressive change in Afghanistan. We do this by providing talented, underprivileged women with dual a university scholarship and mentoring programme, and access to global professional networks. 

​Ultimately, our scholar’s contributions to civic life will lead to a more balanced and equal society in Afghanistan. 

Afghan women’s rights activist Rahela Sidiqi founded Rahela Trust in 2015 to improve the situation for women in Afghanistan due to the continued, systematic discrimination of women at both the familial and societal levels. 

Meeting 26.08.22


Originally, Rahela Trust was named Farkhunda Trust in honour of Farkhunda Malikzada who was murdered by a mob in Kabul after being falsely accused of burning a Quran in 2015. Rahela Trust underwent the name change in 2021 out of respect for the family’s wishes who later reneged their permission to name the charity as such. 


Rahela Trust’s mission is to provide university scholarships, mentorship and access to local and global professional networks to disadvantaged and talented Afghan women from rural areas.

We prioritise those who are committed to building a future where women are full participants and leaders in society.

By growing a community of educated young women committed to improving women’s lives in Afghanistan Rahela Trust envisages a society where women’s rights are respected. Where women are fully involved in the social, political and economic aspects of life.

Core Values

Quality Scholarships
A commitment to delivering a quality scholarship programme

Guaranteed open, detailed, and honest reporting on all activity

Results-based achievement
Shaping the scholarship programme to achieve impactful results

Effective & Efficient Mobilisation​
Ensuring all our resources are well managed and streamlined, focusing on the importance of communication