Successful applicants receive a full-time scholarship for each academic year.

The yearly scholarship package for one student includes:

  • University fees (£650)
  • Mentoring & Leadership Development (£650)
  • Food & Transport (£250)
  • Studying Material (£150)
  • Laptop & Phone (£115)
  • Health Care (£35)
  • Administration (£50)

Annual Total  Cost: £1,900

The scholarships are announced each year through the university website and through civil society and educational institutes. Students will submit their application via email or as hard copy in one of the three languages of the Trust, Dari, Pashtu or English.

The selection committees comprise of members of the university in question, a representative of the Trust and two to three independent academic and civil society representatives.

The scholarships are awarded in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement between the Rahela Trust and the relevant university in Afghanistan. A Rahela Trust coordinator in Kabul and the Trust Director in the UK monitor the performance of the scholars and the mentoring and studying process.


Make donation:

You can make a one-off gift or a regular donation Through Paypal or credit card, standing order, direct debit or cash in one of our charity boxes. Or issue a cheque in the name of the Rahela Trust .You can donate through the Rahela Trust website: You can also join our £1 monthly community donation campaign.

  • £12 per month could pay for study materials and books for one scholar.
  • £42 per month could cover the cost of mentoring, networking and leadership development for one scholar.
  • £460 could provide a laptop and smart phone for one scholar.

Our Selection Process includes:

  • Scholars initial assessment process – undertaken in-house
  • Full short-list created – undertaken with partner University committee
  • Second short-list and interview – undertaken by a mixed committee
  • Home visits of top candidates
  • Letter of verification
  • Trustees / Director – final assessment committee
  • Resources transferred to scholars

Our Workshops and Conferences include:

  • Research Methods
  • Academic Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Community empowerment
  • Leadership Networking relevant knowledge and skills buiding
  • Teacher Training

One year of university education for a student costs: