Kandahar Scholars

Maliha Shirzad, Year 2

Benawa Computer Science, Year 2

I want to be an independent artist for this generation because my father’s art was for his time. The Rahela Trust scholarship was a gift from God to me as it has enabled me to continue my university studies. It is helping me to become a young leader to help other young women to stand on their own feet. It is not only a monetary scholarship because at the very first induction I also found moral building to be highly beneficial. I understand my responsibilities in university, but this additional support will ensure that I get good academic results.

I want to become a computer engineer as it has a good income potential and through this position I can then support other girls as well.


Benawa Computer Engineering, Year 3

Many girls like me still have no access to higher education, so I feel very lucky that I got the Rahela Trust scholarship. I come from a family that has no breadwinner as my father is very sick and had already had two heart operations. I have four brothers, but all of them are married and have their own life, so it is difficult for them to constantly help us as well.  

I want to work hard and be at the top of my class and I will also try to help other girls in our university. I would love to be mentor and will see the Rahela Trust group members as a peer group for support. My commitment is not only to myself, but to also help society change its negative behaviors towards women.


Benewah University, Student of  Computer Science

I have an old father and a mother who is a housewife. Although I got over 70% academic results in the last term, I was just about to withdraw from university because I was not able to pay the fees. I now want to get an even higher academic result in the next term.

My aim is to develop an economic support website for women’s job creation. I look forward to a bright future!


Benawa University, Computer Engineering,

I had many difficulties to pay the university fees as my father is mechanic and all his income is spent on the house rent. My sister and I are now teaching, but those incomes barely help cover our food necessities. I thought about leaving university, but the Rahela Trust scholarship gave me the ability to stay.

I am grateful for the Rahela Trust for this scholarship. When I got this scholarship I thought about all other girls who are in same situation and did not get it. This scholarship released me from worries about having internet as I couldn’t access reading materials and resources that are necessary for my studies, and I didn’t have funds for transport or lunch and water at university. Now I have the peace of mind to continue my studies.

My aim is to become university lecturer therefore I work very hard to get the highest academic results inshallah!


Benewah University, Computer Engineering,

There are six children in my family and my father is very old although my mother is young. My mother is a tailor and supports us with food and clothing necessities. Kandahar is a difficult place for women, but I want to change this situation for women here.

The Rahela Trust mentoring program is a key for this change.

My aim is to establish a computer center to help all women learn how to find job. Women need to get released from the pain of poverty and I would like to support them and become their left hand.