Name :                       Rahela Hashim Sidiqi

Tel:                               0044-0-7475 199163




I have strong experience in team building. I am self-motivated and work well under pressure in a team. I have been a keynote speaker, advocator and panelists at different international forum & conferences based on my written articles or researched base presentation. I have an extensive background in the area of human rights, women rights advocacy, women and youth solidarity and coalition building and community mobilisation. I work to build capacity in building partnerships in relation to relevant stakeholders. I have proven success as creative and result based oriented leader and Senior Social Development Advisor to UN-Habitat Country Director in Afghanistan. I have well-honed skills of presenting and building team skills. I have 22 years’ experience in the field of governance, development and conflict resolution. As one of the founder of the National Solidarity Program, I have conducted successful training on management and youth leadership capacity building. I have developed relevant policy papers, strategic plans, manuals for relevant project programs (such as National Solidarity Program and Civil Service Reform Manual) for government UN and the World Bank. I am the founder of two charities in Afghanistan and the UK. I am a reformist; anti-corruption and human right women right activist. As IARCSC Senior Advisor I have developed several policies along with cooperative planed with ministries for its projections i.e I have developed the gender policy and its implementation plan for 42 Ministries/Agencies and started the pilot phase with 3 Ministries. I have extensive experience in the area of organization development participatory training, planning and management, project formulation, and monitoring and evaluation. I am Master of Social Development from Reading University, United Kingdom. As Founding Director of Rahela Trust for Afghan Women’s education, I have developed relevant strategies, policies, build good relationship with FT stakeholders, present and promote vision and mission of FT in different Forums.


Other development programme management experience includes:

  • Strong experience at all level of programme and project support including: managing cross-country developmental youth/women training and income generation projects.
  • Confident in communication with partners in government, UN, international and local NGOs, counterparts and donors groups.
  • Provide strategic guidance for gender mainstreaming at 47 Ministries/Agencies of government at high level and gender units.
  • Founding Director of Rahela Trust for Afghan Women’s Education
  • Chair of London Refugee Forum
  • Former Trustee of Women for Refugee Women
  • Member of Advisory Board of Anti–Corruption &Transparency in Afghanistan
  • Former Member of Board of Director for Equality Peace and Democracy
  • Founder of Rasa Advocacy & Skill building Agency-RASA-Afghanistan and AMEWYS Women Group-UK
  • Former Deputy Chairperson of Board of Director of Microfinance Investment Support For Afghanistan-MISFA,
  • Former Chair of Women Saving Group
  • Former Chair of Women Leaders Solidarity Association (WLSA) Women caucus,
  • Former, Chair of Women Policy Group or G9,
  • Former Deputy Chair of MOWA Shura


MA in Social Development and Sustainable Livelihoods, International Rural Development Department (IRDD), Faculty of Agriculture, University of Reading, United Kingdom. (2004-2005, Merit Degree- Distinction Dissertation)


Subjects: Organisational Development, People and Change, Perspectives on Development, Communication for Sustainable Livelihood, Participatory Learning Appraisal (PLA), Concepts and Strategy for Development, Social Policy, Participatory and Leadership Training Design, Microfinance, Private Sector Development, Gender and Development.


Distinction MA Thesis:

Effects of Community Institutions on Gender Empowerment: National

Solidarity Programme, Afghanistan, UN-Habitat.  

BSc in Plant Protection/Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Kabul University, 1982-1986


Academic paper published in public Policy Journal: A decade of Democratic Governance in Afghanistan: Has it Been Responsive to the Afghan Citizen?

A Holistic and Sustainable Approach to increasing Afghan Women’s Access to Economic Markets.


Articles, Poems: several article and poems of mine had published in different magazine Journal and websites, such as Pazhwak, women Magazin…AWSF, one billion rising, WRW and, LSE, website.

WORK HISTORY:            

May 2015-present                 Founding Director of Rahela Trust for Afghan women’s


March 2013-Present      


Developed relevant strategies policies and implementation tools in each steps of the program based on consultation and need arise. Built good relationship with FT stakeholders, partners and donors. Promote vision and mission of FT in different Forums.

Provide reports to charity commission and donors

 Chair of London Refugee Forum,

Provide advocacy about women refugee rights in different plat form as speakers. Contributed in monitoring and preparation of research papers. Present and promote WRW vision and mission in different forums


May 2012-Present          

Chair of Asian Middle East Women & Youth Society-AMWYS

To build socio-economic base for home-based women Refugee women through their engagement, confidence and morale building and networking through events and cross cultural sharing forum.




















Feb 2006-16 Dec 2011                                  


Founder of Rasa Advocacy and Skill Building Agency (RASA), Afghanistan

Promote RASA vision, mission and strategy to be implemented


Conduct management leadership training and research for various organisations on consultancy basis or as an organisation in the area of organisation development and structural reform

Provide strategic support in the area of monitoring, research and training in social mobilisation, promotion of status of women and leadership management with RASA consultant’s team members.

Established several lobby and advocacy collation groups at high political layers, civil servants female leaders (11), civil society activist leaders, 95 saving members to support women economically and morally.

Senior Advisor to the Chairman of Independent Administrative Reform & Civil Service Commission (IARCSC), and Head of Executive Committee of Afghanistan Experts Program AEP/LEP


1.          Provided strategic and Implemntation Advise the Chairman on the function of the IARCSC and its various components, Appointments Board, Appeals Board, Civil Service Management Department and Administrative Reform Secretariat;

2.          Developed Gender policy for IARCSC to promote gender sensitive recruitment and training to 47 ministries agencies of civil service machinery of the government. Conducted gender mainstreaming/ positive discrimination plan through capacity building and piloting of the project in five Ministries for the process of learning by doing. Raised aid fund for the implementation of the project. Develop several project proposals for increase engagement of women in leadership positons. Advocate and include the Gender Unite in structure of 47 Ministries Agencies. Promote the Gender unite positions from middle management grade to policy level grade in the government structure. Developed a strategy paper and data about women status in order to mainstream gender in a crosscutting programme and provide advocacy to increase women in government high positions.

3.          Translated the vision of the IARCSC contained in the Strategic Plan into programmed to facilitate the work of various components of the IARCSC;

4.          Communicated the IARCSC’s vision to high level staff of the Executive, Legislative and to the general public; through the Cabinet meeting and parliament

5.          Communicated and facilitated the IARCSC’s vision and work programs with the MoF to get funding;

6.          Promoted and facilitated the IARCSC’s vision and work programmes with the donors to expand IARCSC’s funding;

Jan 2006


Planned and Managed Consultant, CESVI, Italian Government

Programme design and strategic planning for women socio-economic empowerment through the process of project implementation and monitoring tools of RASA.

18 – 24 Jan 2006


Civil Society Conference organising and facilitation consultancy:

Organised and planned conference and venue facilitate work groups and write reports.

Jan 29 – Feb 02 2006


Planned Workshop as one of the lead facilitator, GTZ:

Planned and facilitated group work and panel presentation for policy and strategy group, facilitated group preparation of gender mainstreaming work plan with team of donors and Ministry of Education senior managers. Wrote report of workshop with team members.

07 Nov – 19Dec 2005

Governance consultancy, DFID/ Post Conflict Reconstruction Unit, UK

Assessed and analysed governance status at government offices in Helmand Province. Field research with team members in relation to socio-culture affaires; conducted interviews with civil society groups and government employee related to government leadership and its impact on people’s lives, and analysed and wrote a report with a team of international consultants

15 Jul – 15 Aug 2005  



Research consultancy, USAID/UN-Habitat

Analysed the National Solidarity Programme Community Development Council on Gender Empowerment (assessed governance and economic status of six villages, conservative to liberal, in three provinces: Kandahar, Herat and Parwan) facilitated by UN-Habitat.

August 1998 – Sept 2003

Senior Social Development Advisor, to Country Director UNCHS, Habitat, Afghanistan

1.National Solidarity Program (NSP), Afghanistan

Conducted needs analysis and programming throughout the operational areas as well as strategy and policymaking. Supervised and managed Human Resource Management and finance issues for the entire programme. Assisted CTA in addressing program issues. Participated and chaired senior programme management meetings

2.UN-Habitat Programme

Managed, Advised monitored and supported all community development officers in six regions, for cross-sector planning of community development projects with other programme projects and local partners. Organised and managed Regional Training workshops for 72 regional facilitators in six regions according to their need, in three phases. Organised relief training for project staff. Managed and advised country facilitators in need identification for different level participants, training organisations, planning workshops, monitoring and evaluation, on the job training, reporting and proposal writing. Designed projects for the youth through consultation and planning with them. Briefed and further planning with all newly arrived expatriate managers on the principles and mechanisms of community development and linkages to emergency/ relief projects. Facilitated and supported the planning and implementation process of ECHO, OFDA and IOM as UN-Habitat partners.

Sept 1997- July 1998

Deputy Regional Programme Manager/ Officer-in-Charge, UNCHS, Habitat, North (Mazar and Bamyan) Afghanistan

Managed all projects (water supply, sanitation, environment, engineering, community development, and relief) across two regions. Prepared yearly plans with all sectors. Planning and designing of community development projects with CLO and community.

Jan 1995 – Sept 1997

Head of Community Development section, UNCHS, Mazar-I-Sharif  

Conducted a community situation analysis and identified problems through a consultation process. Organised and mobilised communities according to their available resources and skills. Set up Administrative and Logistics systems and trained community workers of Habitat and Community level. Facilitated and encouraged the process of Community Organisation (called Community Forum) establishment at initial stage, and according to community interest.

March 1993 – Jan 1995


Women’s Programme Officer, UNHCR, Mazar-i-Sharif

Planned and designed women’s projects for six provinces in northern Afghanistan with NGO’s, Directors and UNHCR programme officer. Monitored and evaluated project implementation process and wrote reports.

I was also Personnel Officer, for short period

Jan 1993 – March 1993


Field Officer, Oxfam, Mazar-i-Sharif

Surveyed, needs identification and relief distribution to Tajik refugees and IDP’s.   Held meetings on different issues relating to women’s issues. Translated working material.

March 1986 – Dec 1992


Assistant of Plant Pathology, Plant Protection Presidency, Ministry of Agriculture

Diagnosed the treatment of diseased plants (fruit trees, non fruit trees and vegetables). Assisting students with preparing related seminar material. Visited agriculture fields and collected field data for samples. Wrote weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.

Voluntary Consultation:

Volunteer Consultant

Afghan Ibnisina University for refugees in Islamabad, Afghan Women Solidarity and Service Forum in Peshawar, AYCA (Afghan Youth Coordination Body, ACSSF (Afghan Civil Society Support Forum), and AWN (Afghan Women Network). Helped Canadian consultant Andy Tamas in writing Community Forum Report, Canada, July, 1998

Work with business women to promote their business and help them with marketing

Study Tour and Courses


  • Study tour with IARCSC leadership team to view civil service reform of UK, July 2011
  • Study tour with IARCSC leadership team to view Civil Service Reform of China, October 2008
  • Study tour with the Minister of Women’s Affairs to Philippine to share information about women role and level of participation in the government system (16-23 March -2007)
  • Study tour with the Chairman of IARCSC to view Civil Service Reform of India (22 Feb- 20007 to 4th of March 2007)
  • Academic English October 2003 to Sept 2004, Reading University UK
  • Peace Keeping/Humanitarian course 1-18 July, Santa Ana University, Piza, Italy, 2003
  • International relations, 3 weeks Japan/Tokyo, March 2001
  • Management Skills Training, 2 weeks July 2000, Peshawar.
  • Human rights, one week, Islamabad, June 2000
  • Gender and development, one week, 1997, Mazar
  • Social development training, 2 weeks, Feb 1996, Peshawar.













  • Present researched based article for Vienna Conference 2 &3 DEC 19.
  • Attend Afghan Diaspora Conference –Durable Solution for sustainable Peace, 15-16 Nov 2019 Copenhagen.
  • Hold Mother and daughter campaign with Make Mother Matters support & presented at LES on 13th Nov. Campaign launch.
  • Present and promote vision and mission of Rahela Trust for Afghan Women’s Education at different platforms 2016-present
  • Key Speaker at several panel and conferences as chair of London refugee women forum of WRW- from Feb 2014- Jan 2017
  • Speaker of Afghanistan Development Conference, Germany 11 Dec 2014
  • Attend Ayenda Conference in London Nov 2014
  • Attend and present at Expert group meeting on Afghanistan Peace building process, organised by Chatham house and MOFA of Norway. 24-25th June 2014
  • Provide paper in Right To information RTI conference, 27-29th March 2011 Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Attend to South Asia Peace charter drafting as member of SARC Network 23-25th March 2011 Delhi India
  • Attend to German government invitation to share information with MPS and Executive Body, Oct 2010
  • Attend to 5th university of Centre for Right to information India, Delhi, Sept 2010
  • Attend to Right to Information south Asia Region Conference Delhi 29-31 April 2010 and Present Afghanistan Paper.
  • Attend to Anti-Corruption Steering Committee Singapore, November, 2008
  • Attend to International Anti-Corruption Conference, Atten /Grace, Nov2008
  • Attend to Reform Study Tour for 10 days, China cities October, 2008
  • Attend to workshop on Politics, change and governance of communication. WDC, 18-19 March 2008. Invited by World Bank
  • Diversity and Equality Conference, 27-28 Feb 2008. Diversity and Equality Conference, 27-28 Feb 2008. Invited by DFID as Women in Leadership Position and present paper
  • Local Government Monitoring training, Manchester, UK 4-7 October, 2005, Manchester, UN-Habitat Nairobi Training & Capacity Building Brunch (TCBB)
  • Localization of Millennium Development Goal, South Korea, May 18-24, 2005, UN-Habitat, Nairobi TCBB
  • Gender mainstreaming workshop Reading University, UK, Nov, 04
  • Global Summit women in Business South Korea Seoul, May 2004
  • Speaker at UNIFEM Japan 10th Anniversary, July 2003 with Ms. Sadako Ogata, Noeleen Heyzer. One week program.
  • Afghan Women Business conference Kabul, June, 2003
  • International Gender Expert Group Meeting as presenter organized by UN-Habitat in Nairobi, Kenya, 18-20 February, 2003.
  • Holland, Amsterdam Voice of Afghan women, May, 2002
  • Afghan Civil Society International Conference in Kabul as Facilitator, May 2002.
  • Media International Conference September 2002 Kabul.
  • Study and Evaluation of   KDP (Kachamatan Development) Indonesia for 2 weeks June, 2002. World Bank
  • Civil Society Conference, Bonn, Dec 2001, UNDP
  • Women Round Table Brussels in Dec 2001
  • Youth leadership conference, as youth advisor New York, USA, July, 1998
  • From rhetoric to reality the role of aid in local peace building, York University, UK, Jan, 1998
  • Habitat II, World Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, Jun, 1996
  • Women and Local Governance conference, for South Asia, Allah Abad, India, Dec 1996.
  • Human Rights workshop, by local authority, Dec, 1996
  • Women fourth world conference, one week Beijing, Sept, 1995